Fine tubes for medical applications

Fine tubes for medical applications
Fine tubes for medical applications

Between 1.5 and 8 millimetres: that is the range for the external diameter of stainless steel or titanium alloy tubes used, for example, in emergency medicine or endoscopy. They play an important role in hospital equipment, sterilisation techniques and devices for treatments. They help to ensure the hygiene standards are met and to apply modern treatment methods.The precise processing of these tube is made possible with our t form machines, with their axial and rolling forming. This way it is possible to have very precise symmetrical and asymmetrical tube forming. Our rolling forming machines can reduce tubes over a longer distance or partially. This process technology works independently of CNC-controlled tools .
Very special forming options are available for medical technology, specifically engineered for that application. Lasers are very often used before or after the processing, to cut or add holes.

Special lubrication for maximum hygiene
The production of components for medical application often happens in “clean rooms” or laboratory conditions. For that reason, we cannot rely on the available techniques, because of the risk of contamination. The materials used for the devices are special metals with an appropriate coating, or ceramics. With our techniques we meet these particular precision, production and cleanliness demands.

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