Forming in 0.2 seconds

Forming in 0.2 seconds

Time is one of the most important factors in value-adding processes. With this in mind, we have worked with a university to develop our revolutionary high-speed forming procedure. The procedure is not only fast, but also enables higher degrees of forming when compared to mechanical forming. In addition, use of tools has also been noticeably reduced - for example, for axial tube and pipe forming, the number has been reduced from 6 down to just 2 stages. And the forming process takes only 0.2 seconds. This represents a new dimension for effective tube and pipe machining, whereby a reduction in wall thicknesses for special shaping has been improved considerably.

Reduced use of lubricants and tool wear
Reduced contact surfaces between the tool and workpiece have led to tool wear being virtually eliminated. As a result, lubricants are unnecessary in most cases.

Straightforward combination - with traditional forming technologies
Tube and pipe forming in particular perfectly complements our transfluid® procedure, and in this context cannot be compared with hydroforming. Herein lies a crucial advantage, in that: our solution can be integrated into or combined with traditional technologies for tube and pipe forming. As such, it replaces axial forming stages and is independent of specific tools.

For highly complex tube and pipe forming, such as in the medical technology, automotive and heating and air-conditioning technology industries, our high-speed process opens up a world of new opportunities for efficient production.

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