From coil of tubing to tube connector in a sporty 6 seconds flat!

Speed isn't everything. In the automotive industry, quality is also indispensable wherever tubing connections must ensure robustness, cleanliness, and sustained leak-tightness. With our current t motion automation system, we have developed a solution to enable the production of short elbow tubing sections with high precision. These special connections are used in air conditioning and car radiators.

Clean cutting and precise rolling
The transfluid® manufacturing cell enables the coil of tubing to be handled directly. In the first manufacturing stage, the tubing (in a diameter range from 8 – 22 mm) is unwound, aligned, and cut. Up to a minimum length of 34 mm, chipless tube cutting is possible. Thanks to the clean cutting, the tube ends can be immediately compressed in a transfer line. Then the next transfluid® line component takes care of the rolling and polishing of the surface.

Reliable bending after tube forming
After end forming (axial and rotary) our manufacturing cell still has to automatically bend 80% of the short sections by 40 to 120 degrees. When observing the process as a whole, the main thing that stands out is that among these very small parts, which have been formed and bent on both sides, there are almost no straight sections. Throughout the whole tube forming process, deformations must be ruled out – while also preserving the surface and the results of any previous tube forming operations throughout the entire process. The high level of quality and of course the cycle time of six seconds offered by our advanced automation system make short part production extremely economical.

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