Material efficient: chipless for economical clean separation performance

Efficient and economical : chipless tube cutting with t cut by transfluid®.
Efficient and economical : chipless tube cutting with t cut by transfluid®.

Technological progress comes only with continuous development. Especially with special needs solution giving technologies are needed to secure the best results. In our portfolio point t cut we have developed with the chipless tube cutting, a solution that is characterized by his marked efficiency.

Our powerful machines convince independent of material and wall thickness with an impressive cutting quality. In addition, a special software optimizes the cutting of the tubes so that there is almost no waste . "Especially if chips are to be avoided in the production, coils are used, or large quantities are required, we offer with our chipless tube cutting, a material-efficient solution," said Gerd Nöker, CEO of transfluid®. "If there are different requirements, the systems can be equipped individually."

For manual loading of the machines can be with loading system for straight tubes or for cutting from the coil equipped with a straightening unit. Our systems provide maximum cutting efficiency of Ø 30 x 3 in stainless steel tubes. The impressive production speed, allows up to 1,600 pieces per hour. Without pull apart the shortest cutting length is 25 mm and with pull apart 55 mm. The residual length is 110 mm. Other machines to cut tubes up to 76 mm diameter are also available. The separated parts can be unloaded in up to 10 separate storage units or for further processing directly if required.

Since the tubes are pulled apart during the separation process it is guaranteed that they will not be constricted or deformed in the area of the separation point. With our technology for chipless tube cutting, we thus offer an extremely economical solution for an optimal and fast production.

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