Measurement technology for bent tubes

Increased productivity and quality through high-speed pipe measurement.

The dimensional accuracy of bent tubes is often influenced by variations in material properties. Deviations between the CAD planning data and the manufactured component occur and lead to tube geometries outside the required tolerance.

Manufacturing tolerances

In order to maintain these manufacturing tolerances, we offer the networking of our CNC controlled tube bending machines with different measuring systems.

Automatic correction

Measuring cells specially developed for efficient quality control of bent tubes use high-resolution digital cameras to scan the tube geometries of the initial sample in just a few seconds. The actual values of the manufactured component are compared with the nominal values of the stored reference geometry and the bending parameters are automatically corrected.

For the manufacturing process, the new optimized data is updated in the bending table and the manufacturing process can be executed safely with consistent quality.

Monitoring and documentation

The captured data can be automatically compiled into detailed measurement reports for efficient quality control. This allows manufacturers to monitor and document all changes across all process steps.

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