SMM 2018: Networked tube bending for greater time benefits in shipbuilding

Cheaper and faster bending of large tubes with the 't bend' tube bending technology from transfluid.
Cheaper and faster bending of large tubes with the 't bend' tube bending technology from transfluid.

Digital solutions are required by the global shipbuilding and off-shore industry for the efficient planning of resources and processes. With that requirement in mind, we combine our bending technology with smart online networking for practical applications.

Better bending of tubes with flanges with our software
Our tried and tested t project bending software calculates the exact orientation of the flange to be welded on straight tubes, before the bending process. This makes the processing of tubes in shipbuilding easier, more flexible and more economical. With the internal connection to the CAD programs, the ‘t project’ bending software can process the isometrics immediately. Flanges can be chosen from a database and integrated in the isometrics, also in terms of bending technology.

Mobile use on board
The tablet version of the ‘t project Draft’ software offers great freedom for on-site practical applications. Together with a light, portable measuring system it is possible to collect data on-site, for instance for connector tubes. This way, the geometries of the process, flanges and position of the flanges are easily recorded. This saves time, as it only takes a few minutes to capture the measurements on board, even of complex tubes with flanges. All the data is in digital format and accessible both to the technical office and the bending machine. After processing a tube part it can be measured again, ensuring a smooth installation. And while the part is being processed the measuring on board can continue.

Faster bending of diameters up to 400mm
Instead of welding bends onto larger tubes, our CNC-bending machine delivers clear cost reductions. Our bending systems save up to 60% of the processing time for tubes with a diameter of up to 400mm, also thanks to the quick setting-up, at times below 10 minutes. Tubes of all materials, with thick and thin walls, are bent, fully automated, with a radius of 1.5 times or more the diameter of the tube, with minimal reduction of the wall thickness.

We are happy to show you this solution, as well as other high-tech solutions, such as our rolling UMR t form machine – to form flared flanges on the tubes, for instance - at SMM 2018 in hall B2.EG, stand 324. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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