The solution for high-strength materials: Incremental tube shaping

With products that are lighter and can bear heavier loads, incremental tube shaping ensures a lead in the markets for users.

Where industrial challenges in the processing of high-strength and very high-strength materials have set limits so far, our joint new development with TU Dortmund now sets standards for future-oriented production. With incremental tube shaping – the stepwise forming of a tube or tube end – completely new dimensions of extreme pipe processing are possible.

Lighter. More stable. Better.

Weight reductions can now be implemented in the automotive industry, for example. Thanks to incremental tube shaping, all products are lighter and can bear heavier loads. Our new development is also distinguished in particular by the efficient use of resources. These benefits are a crucial competitive advantage in the highly competitive international markets of a wide range of industries.

Science and practical application lead to worldwide innovation

The pioneering method of incremental tube shaping came about from joint and intensive collaboration between the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction of the Technical University Dortmund and our experts at transfluid®. Gerd Nöker, the managing director of transfluid®, continues the progress-driven exchange of knowledge on October 1st at this year's Dortmund Colloquium for the bending of tubes and profiles (Dortmunder Rohr- und Profilbiegekolloquium) DORP with his technical article "Bending and shaping: The sequence makes the difference".

Efficient preparation for follow-on processes

The transfluid® tube shaping machine can shape rotation-symmetrical partial tubes made of high-strength material and optimally prepare them for follow-on processes – e.g. for hydroforming. Here, a tube with varying wall thickness and various diameters can be preshaped. There is no change of wall thickness in the locally reduced tube area.

  • Cold forming of high strength and very high strength materials
  • Bending radii and free-form radii are shaped in a continuous process with the highest degree of precision and without any rebound.
  • Low ovality is achieved with minimum wall thickness reduction.

Improving material properties

The rolling tube shaping process allows a defined manipulation of the surface. Under certain conditions, even the material properties can be improved too. Our tube shaping machine is equipped with a simple bending device. It processes the shaped tube with minimum force. The material is plasticised by the rotatory shaping. This means that tubes can be bent with relatively tight radii at the same time without a mandrel. Since the pipe only minimally springs back as a result of the superimposed process, the bending angle and the selected angle of the bending machine are virtually identical.

With the new transfluid® technology of incremental tube shaping, demand-based manufactured tubes (tailor tubes) up a diameter of 90 mm can be transformed. A completely new dimension in tube processing.

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