Focused and diverse range of bending and forming for hydraulics

High-tech engineering company transfluid presents solutions for effective tubing and connection systems

The highly dynamic stress on hydraulics tubing and connections needs technology that delivers clean, robust and long-term tight results. The engineering company transfluid has been developing tube bending machines for the past 30 years to produce these results and the solutions for these demanding specifications are more and more advanced. They go from simple bending machines that bend directly on the equipment to CNC-controlled bending machines. Cutting ring pre-assembly machines are available for connections in hydraulics and also forming machines, to add DKOL and other soft sealing connections and hose fittings directly on the tube, as well as forming a single-piece tube fitting on the tube, with no chips.

Strong mobile performance for on-site applications
Simple and effective techniques, little space required (sometimes just one m2) and great flexibility in the applications: transfluid has developed the latest generation of its classic mobile bending machine t bend MB 642 for bending directly on site. With this machine it is possible to bend tube up to 6m long on-site and the floor space needed by the machine does not change. This is because the rotating head can turn and reduces the working space needed to a minimum. With the compression bending technique the MB 642 can bend tubes with a diameter between 6-42mm and the operation is simple. The bending radius can be relatively tight in this case, between 2-2.5x the diameter of the tube and 3x with tube with very thin-walled tubes.
Extra equipment is available: internal and external deburring devices, saws and assembly devices for all the most common connection systems (flange and with cutting ring for thread cutting), as well as metal circular saws.

Tight bending radius when using mandrels
For the manufacturing of tube geometries for individual pieces or small series with rotary draw bending, transfluid has developed its compact bending machines with mandrel. They are very flexible and can achieve a very tight bending radius even with tubes with thin walls when bending with a mandrel. This means that the t bend DB 2076K machine can work with tubes with a diameter of 20-76mm. If needed, it is possible to transfer data to the machine with a USB connection. The control system can store whole bending programs and the machine comes with an 8-angle pre-selection as standard. In this case too there is optional equipment, such as saws, burring devices, cutting ring for threads and flanges, to manufacture complete tubing systems for the individual needs.

Interfaces for small runs and a variety of geometries
As well as tubing and connections for hydraulic applications, there is more and more often the need to process CAD data from different programs or to manufacture complex tubing systems. transfluid makes this possible with CNC machines that perform strongly, are simple to use and completely automated. The tools can be exchanged quickly, making their use extremely flexible. Because of the price/performance ratios, they are ideal for small production runs and for applications with high geometry diversity. These bending machines work independent of the user and to the specifications of the individual project. This is possible thanks to the interfaces available to connect them with CAD and measuring machines.

Digitally connected to the technical department and measuring systems
transfluid created its own software t project to improve the processes and the safety of the production. The two versions provide controlled tube manufacturing and connect the machines to CAD and measuring systems, BDE (Manufacturing Execution System) or ERP systems. They make the use of CNC-bending machines or also bending robots more flexible. For instance, it is possible to test bending sequences in advance, make sure that there are no collisions and execute them. Various additional modules contain the information for whole sequences, to have better control over the process and to manage the forming process data. The software also helps at the cutting stage, reducing any waste to the minimum.

Separate assembly machines for safe connections
In addition to its range of machines for bending techniques, transfluid also offers separate assembly machines for cutting ring or flange connections. They operate in an axial or rolling manner to deliver safe connections. For instance, the combination desk unit HA 642 makes it possible to have the die ring pre-assembly and the flanging of tubes with a 6-42mm diameter. The experts in tube manufacturing machines will present their variety of solutions for tubes at the Hannover Trade Fair 2019 in Hall 21, Stand H38.

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