More sizes to meet all needs

The fully automated CNC tube bending machines t bend fulfil the toughest demands

With the t bend tube bending machines from the engineering company transfluid it is possible to bend tubes in multiple dimensions and automatically. The highly efficient CNC technology ensures the greatest precision with all bending tasks, whether small or big. The fully automated t bend solutions deliver ideal cycle times and big production volumes without problems. “The flexibility of our advanced CNC tube bending machines make it possible to have bending processes that are very economical. Our machines fulfil the toughest demands”, says managing director Stefanie Flaeper.

transfluid has further adapted and expanded the range of machine sizes and tubes sizes they can handle, so they can satisfy the different needs of their customers. “We can offer the solution that is the best fit for each requirement. The expansion of the range creates even more versatile and flexible options for tube bending for all our customers and markets”, adds Ms Flaeper.

t bend masters the most extreme geometries too

„The bending machine with mandrel and servoelectric control delivers additional efficiency. The electric axes can be programmed to operate in synchronicity to ensure the best cycle times. Tools for bending on multiple levels with automated tool change allow bending of different radii and even the most extreme geometries on a tube”, explains Ms Flaeper. The valued clockwise/counterclockwise bending machines from transfluid produces even the most complex bends with precision and dimensional accuracy. And they are also available in the earlier familiar sizes.

Individualized equipment options mean optimized and personalized tube bending possibilities. That includes bending on multiple levels, free-form processing of large bending radii, as well as cutting during the bending process.

A centerline booster can also be added, as well as systems for automated loading and unloading. The machines can easily be included in a complete production process (process chain). With the optional t project software the bending processes are safe and without collisions. Full bending simulations help to establish bending and process data in a reliable way.


Special boxes:

The complete series includes the following machines and their respective diameter ranges:


Machine sizes/tube sizes for single-head bending machines:

DB 415-CNC

DB 622-CNC

DB 630-CNC

DB 642-CNC

DB 650-CNC

DB 2060-CNC

DB 2080-CNC

DB 20100-CNC

DB 40127-CNC

DB 40150-CNC

4–15 mm Ø 6–22 mm Ø 6–30 mm Ø 6-42 mm Ø 6-50 mm Ø 6–60 mm Ø 6–80 mm Ø 20–101.6 mm Ø 20–127.3 mm Ø 20-150mm Ø

The tried and tested machines for bending clockwise/counterclockwise are available in the following size, as before:


Machine sizes/tube sizes for clockwise/counterclockwise bending machines:

DB 622-CNC-R/L

DB 630-CNC-R/L

DB 642-CNC-R/L

DB 2060-CNC-R/L 6-60 mm Ø

6-22 mm Ø 6-30 mm Ø 6-42 mm Ø


transfluid is a valued partner all over the world for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines. transfluid have been developing their customer-focused technologies for tube processing since 1988 and offers tailor-made solutions for the construction of plants and machines, for the automotive, energy and shipbuilding sectors and the manufacturing of medical equipment.


Press photo 1:

The flexibility of the technologically advanced CNC tube bending machines from transfluid deliver
bending processes that are particularly economical and precise.  © transfluid


Press photo 2:

The optional t project software ensures intelligent connections and bending processes that are safe
and consistently of high quality. © transfluid




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