The next level in tube cutting

All-in-one solutions from transfluid for chipless cuts of tubes with a diameter of up to 80mm 

The t-cut tube cutting machines from the mechanical engineering company transfluid in Schmallenberg makes it possible to use orbital cutting technology for tubes with a diameter of up to 80mm. Director Stefanie Flaeper says: „Perfect cuts are one of the key production benefits of this technology, as well as fast cycle times and clean processes. The RTO 628 for tube diameters of 6-28mm and the RTO 2080 for tube diameters of 20-80mm cut tubes with the greatest precision, including steel and stainless steel tubes.“

The intuitive controls of the system integrate very well with the production processes and can be combined with different concepts for loading tubes or flexible unloading systems, if the customers wishes to. Speed and flexibility are qualities found in the machine, both as stand-alone or as part of a production cell. Flaeper adds: “We have built the t-cut tube cutting system with focus on economy and maximum efficiency. This starts with the very durable cutting blade and continues with the clean cutting results, which makes it possible to continue working on the item without further steps. With the optional software available to optimize cuts, scrap and any associated waste are a thing of the past.

As an all-in-one solution, the t-cut can manufacture medium and large volumes with different cutting options, using a cut-through, pull or pull-/and break method. Changing the setup for other tube sizes or lengths takes very little time.

In addition to the orbital cutting technique, transfluid also offers the familiar blade-cutting method. If needed, the cutting step can be integrated with the process on the bending machine. The bending and cutting process are easily and reliably combined, with very little chip generation.

transfluid is a valued partner all over the world for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines. transfluid have been developing their customer-focused technologies for tube processing since 1988 and offers tailor-made solutions for the construction of plants and machines, for the automotive, energy and shipbuilding sectors and the manufacturing of medical equipment.


Press photo 1:

The RTO 2080 is built for precision. The robust build delivers clean and precise cuts in a reliable
and fast manner. © transfluid


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The t-cut solutions from transfluid stand for durability and efficiency. They deliver perfect cuts and
a direct, problem-free continuation of the manufacturing process. © transfluid




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