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Technology . Mobile bending machines for efficient hydraulic pipe processing

Mobile bending machines for efficient hydraulic pipe processing

One is inclined to often philosophize about highly complex systems and machines. In our t time(s) we prefer to shed light on technical complexities.

A good reason for changing this now is a lightweight machine by transfluid®, which provides a reliable heavyweight performance for many of our clients. This special introduction applies to our mobile bending machines. Therefore we would like to introduce our MB 642 with its intelligent expandable functions. Spot on.

Approved Technology

It is a machine that we have produced almost identically for nearly 25 years. A machine that has been imitated, but never matched, by many market competitors.

Since its true values, which make it so exceptionally efficient, have never been discovered. So in turn, our original machine is an ever demanded and approved champion among our clients: the simplest and best solution for hydraulic pipe processing on site with the object. Always operational, easy to operate without training and suitable for use in small spaces with little effort: the MB 642 mobile bending machine is a true all-rounder. It can bend 6 – 42 mm diameter pipes. Despite the press-bending process, the bending radii are relatively narrow – always between 2 x D and 2.5 x D. Only large, light range pipes require 3 x D bending radii. The bend sequences are extremely compact, sometimes considerably more compact than with mandrel-bending machines and the bend is still round.

Compact solution on 1 m2

However, one of the biggest strengths of our efficient "red cube" is certainly the fact that the machine itself is extremely compact. With a floorspace of just one square metre, its performance is impressive, even when bending a pipe that is six metres long. As the bending head itself rotates, the working area is optimally minimised.

Individually expandable

Our machine can be equipped with useful accessories and individually upgraded for hydraulic piping. First and foremost, there is a universal adapter. Different attachments can be fitted to allow all conventional connection systems to be processed, regardless of whether they are cutting ring or flanged screw connections. A deburrer and a cold circular saw can also be integrated. We have manufactured many of these mobile bending machines. Thousands of which are now with satisfied customers. Since the complete hydraulic piping can be carried out extremely efficiently with this machine. Our technology is characterised by the excellent quality of the systems produced, simple handling and short piping paths. A wide range of different machines are also available for larger pipe dimensions such as 60 x 15 mm, 88.9 x 15 mm and 115 x 20 mm.