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See You

As they say: "The day begins in the bathroom...". This is where the day with transfluid® begins and also our short story of a day in the life of a transfluid® employee. Starting in the bathroom, he/she encounters many things in the early hours that were created on our machines. And the day‘s journey with transfluid® begins.

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Small. Strong. Red.

One is inclined to often philosophize about highly complex systems and machines. In our t time(s) we prefer to shed light on technical complexities. A good reason for changing this now is a lightweight machine by transfluid®, which provides a reliable heavyweight performance for many of our clients. This special introduction applies to our mobile bending machines. Therefore we would like to introduce our MB 642 with its intelligent expandable functions. Spot on.

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Manipulate universal

With its wide range of sheet metal designs and developments, Stengel GmbH is right at home at locations in Germany, England, Lithuania and Spain. The knowledge and experience of the experts is in international demand. Stengel quality even impresses on the ocean seas with elegantly designed wet-room comfort for cruise ships.

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