Bending and forming
tubes for highly
dynamic stress.

For many years we have been your go-to experts in this sector, offering solutions for the production of hydraulic components.

We can satisfy more challenging customer requirements in the following areas.

Possible applications

  • Hydraulic piping
  • Connections
  • Manufacturing of hose end fittings

We will create optimum solutions tailored to your individual specifications and requirements with our expertise.

Experience our solutions for the hydraulics and engineering sector

t bend Armaturenbiegemaschine AB 6 50: Präzise und leistungsstark
Transfluid Video
Rollierende Umformmaschine im Taumelverfahren zur Herstellung von Bördeln
Transfluid Video
Umformzelle DKOL Verbindung, bestehend aus einer axialen und rollierenden Rohrendenbearbeitung
Transfluid Video
Fertigungsnest für Hydraulikarmaturen
Transfluid Video
Mobilbiegemaschine: t bend MB 642
Transfluid Video
Kompakte Dornbiegemaschine: t bend DB 2060K
Transfluid Video
DB 622-CNC-R/L – Biegen von Hydraulikrohrleitungen inkl. Verschraubungen.