Continuous shaping of T-pieces

Extreme expansion of aluminium tubing (22 x 1.0 mm) prepared using the transfluid continuous technique.
Extreme expansion of aluminium tubing (22 x 1.0 mm) prepared using the transfluid continuous technique.

Among the technical highlights of our upgrading of our forming technology are the option of using non-tool-based CNC-controlled profiles and of producing tubing with a chuck size of less than 0.5 x D in a single work process, which we can then cut and shape. 

We have very recently acquired a SRM machine that allows us to undertake continuous shaping and we can now expand tubing to make T-pieces using very simple tools. This continuous t form-shaping machine can produce articles in both horizontal and vertical layouts depending on requirements. All functions are operated servo-electrically and can also be CNC-controlled.

Flexibility in production

When it comes to axial tube forming, we place an emphasis on improving tool technology so that quality and results are enhanced.
We can undertake multiple shaping operations of a tube end with the aid of a pneumatically opening segment tool. This pneumatic tool makes it possible to control and open elements and verify positioning.
Tools developed specifically for tube forming ensure that the external surfaces of tubing remain untouched during the shaping processes. This means that there are no scratches or friction deposits on tubing surfaces as the tools open or close as appropriate to their required position during shaping. 

Lightweight construction forming made easy

Our specialists have designed tools that make it possible to prepare the lightweight tubing required specifically by the automotive industry in specified wall thicknesses - this is a particularly cost-effective procedure! This means that thinner tubing can be employed and the wall thicknesses can be created that are required for further processing for use in the various applications. 

In general, greater flexibility also means enhancement of our processes. Working on this principle, we first produce the necessary shapes and then bend them. It is thus no longer necessary to use expensive spanning devices for forming. Similar cost-effective and rapid are our in-house logistics, handling and loading operations. Additional outgoings are reduced thanks to the use of an automatic clamp set changer in tube bending machines, particularly where multilevel tools are being employed. 

Would you like to learn more about any of our innovations? Simply contact us. Or you can come and meet us at Tube 2016 in Düsseldorf. We will be present on stand G34 in hall 05 from 4 - 8 April.

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