Individual concepts create more process safety

Coordinated concepts ensure effective processes.
Coordinated concepts ensure effective processes.

Production systems and machines are clearly at the focus when safe processes in tube processing are required. Decisive added value is also ensured by the individually customized tools. Therefore, we put special focus on a tool technology that fits the machine precisely while at the same time effectively solving all challenges of our customers.

New designs of individual process steps can make production more economically efficient. One good example: In a project, a production cell for production of special short pipe parts was to be constructed. The classical steps would be so that the pipe material is first cut with a metal circular saw. Next, the hose connection is formed on one side, the piece is bent, the over-length is cut and the second pipe end is formed.
The process chain is, however, not only about the final result – the path there must be right as well in order to be more economic, process-safe and simply better for our customers as a holistically thought-through system.

Chip-free, clean, faster
The better solution: First, the material is shortened to the desired lengths from the coil by chip-less orbital cutting. Clean cutting permits direct further processing and quick cycle times. This is followed by bilateral forming – which is always done before bending at transfluid®.

This solution thus cleverly bypasses cutting of the overlength, which permits simple handling. Bending of the pipe part finally leads to the desired result.
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