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The leading technology company transfluid from Schmallenberg has for many years been offering machines to cut tubes, in addition to machines to bend and form tubes. “There is always a cut before a bending and forming process, so it was a logical step for us to offer this option to our customers”, explains Stefanie Flaeper, Sales and Marketing Director. “The strong demand in this area has confirmed this and driven the development of our machine technology in this area.”

The sustainability starts with the technical equipment and includes the quality of the cuts. The robust build of the machines makes the tube cutting machines from transfluid durable and timeless. The cutting results are impressive, and the tubes can be used without further de-burring, depending on the requirements. Setting up the machine is easy, making it is quick to make the changes for different tube diameters. The performance is around 1,800 cuts/hour, depending on the length of the section and the diameter of the tube.

The transfluid t cut machines also have very efficient peripherals, which make it possible to process, for example, small numbers with a loading table or as bundles with automatic feeding and separation. Tube processing straight from a coil is also possible, of course. Very accurate straightening devices make sure that the tubes are perfectly straight.

The sorting of the tubes that have been cut can be done with different removal devices: they are grouped and removed at four or eight positions. If necessary, each individual tube can be labelled, to make sure that the tube is identified correctly at each stage of the process ahead. When very long tubes are used, which are longer than the magazine, it is possible to use automated nesting with these machines. This means that when the machine is fed enough length and number of pieces, the tubes are cut with the minimum amount of waste.

The cutting process is done with cutting blades with an orbital movement. Throughout the process, the tube is pulled in a controlled manner from both sides at the cutting position and pulled apart at the appropriate time. This means most of the cutting is done in with a rotating blade and the last few hundredths of millimetre of tube thickness are pulled apart while the blade is still operating. Both the pulling moment and the timing of the cut can be selected with great accuracy in the control system. The pull and tear method can be used either with electric or hydraulic drives. These specifications, which can be found in the RTO 628 from the transfluid t cut series, improve the cutting results for different materials and diameters in a significant manner.

This also means a shorter cycle time and a considerable benefit for the whole production: clean, efficient, accurate and fast.

This type of machines is often included in a production unit. This makes it possible to feed the tubes directly into a complete manufacturing process, including the fully automated forming and bending steps.

As stand-alone machine or as part of a production unit, the transfluid cutting machines can be equipped with Industry 4.0 and offer many properties that combine innovation and sustainability.


Special boxes:

transfluid t cut cutting machines. The features at a glance:

  • Cut tubes chipless and cleanly
  • Forming and bending can be done straight after the tube cutting
  • Depending on the tube cutting machine model it is possible to achieve an output of up to 1,800 tubes/hour
  • No loss of material between cuts
  • Cut optimization and reduction of waste
  • The blade cutting method of this special tube cutting machine delivers sharp edges and square cut sections with long-lasting rotating blades


Press photo 1:

The chipless orbital cutting unit RTO 628 from transfluid delivers clean cuts, is economical
with resources and saves time for the following processes. © transfluid


Press photo 2:

The RTO 628 from transfluid uses long-lasting blades to cut with the best possible
results. © transfluid



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