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Manufacturer of leading tube processing machines invites U.S. partners to technical training and information-sharing workshops

Advanced tube processing machines that deliver the latest tube solutions are extremely complex. To grasp all of their technological and value-added features and functions while also providing optimal support, even the most experienced service professionals need to attend training workshops regularly. For transfluid, a high-tech machine manufacturer whose products are in high demand worldwide, this combination of regular training workshops and practical knowledge building is a fundamental principle. That is why the company recently invited the employees of its sales and service partners in the U.S. – Advanced Fabricating Machinery and Modern Machinery – to its German headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia.
It was the first time that employees of Modern Machinery visited the company headquarters in Germany. Modern Machinery has been looking after transfluid customers in Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky and Michigan since 2016. For many years, Advanced Fabricating Machinery has been providing on-site support for our American transfluid customers, covering primarily the East Coast region all the way down to Georgia, including Tennessee.

Technological focus in the interest of the customers

“We are very pleased to welcome our American partners here for the service training workshops and, naturally, would like to thank them for attending. For outstanding service in the U.S., it is very important to us to share information in person and to transfer knowledge. This helps all of us to advance together. Our customers, particularly in the United States, will benefit from this. And that, of course, is our main priority,” says Stefanie Flaeper, CEO of transfluid, in describing the visit. The intensive training workshops focused on tube bending and tube forming machines, cutting tubes or pipes cleanly without chips using t cut machines; and lastly, the options and benefits of tailor-made transfluid automated systems for tube processing that meet specific customer needs.

Comprehensive support within 24 hours

In view of the strong increase in its customer base in the U.S., the recent training workshops offered by transfluid have once again improved the services expertise of its partners. Within their respective regions, both Advanced Fabricating Machinery and Modern Machinery can now respond to support requests within 24 hours, thus ensuring immediate service for transfluid customers in the U.S.
For questions regarding transfluid services in the U.S., please contact: Craig Van Sant, President of Advanced Fabricating Machinery, Inc. (Tel:  +1 603 475 4346 / E-Mail: or Yannick Bludau, regional sales manager for transfluid in North America, (Cell: +49 151 12698817 / E-mail:


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