t form tube forming machines:
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t form is the tailor-made answer to the challenges of tube and tube end forming: tight tolerances, sharp edge contours, polished surfaces and the processing of high-strength materials are converted into an almost unlimited variety of forms with the greatest precision possible.

Our machines, with different equipment and electrical or hydraulic forming axes create limitless possibilities for the accurate and fast realization of the most diverse forms. Patented tool concepts give us a performance advantage.

Your benefits at a glance

forming options

Our diverse forming methods make possible the flexible production of the greatest range of tube profiles and cross-section methods.


t form ensures absolute precision, also for very challenging tube forming tasks, thanks to the combination of different methods and the wide ranging tool know-how.

application of force

Servo-technology makes it possible to form tubes and tube ends in high-strength materials and with extreme geometries in a secure and reliable way..

Intuitive, smart
operation – Industry 4.0

Automated tool recognition, easy tool change and the input of parameters via digital codes save time and provide process reliability.

Performance made to measure:

We shape our systems to your requirements.

Axial forming machines

Axial forming machines are perfectly suited for extreme forming deformations and highly complex forming geometries.

  • Controlled and managed forming axes
  • Servoelectric tool change
  • Expansion to 6 forming steps
  • Systems for quick tool change
  • Automated tool recognition
  • Smart tool coding

SRM Type rollforming machines

Many forming options with one type of machine: forming, cutting, cutting after bending and threading. Our Type SRM forming machines are ideally suited for the production of challenging contours for sealing elements and for the generation of extremely good surfaces.

  • Servoelectric position of all the axes
  • Rollforming unit with push bending option via CNC control
  • Complex geometries with one single forming step
  • Sequence control of the rolling parameters
  • No tool closing edges

Type UMR rollforming machines

The type UMR tube forming machine and its special tumble method and contoured flaring mandrels guarantee high quality as standard. It produces perfect and mirror-like sealing surfaces when forming tubes up to a diameter of 325 mm.

  • Gentle on the materials
  • Compact and transportable machine design
  • Feeding of ORFS o-rings
  • Short clamping lengths

Combination machines

Highly demanding forming geometries in one work sequence: in our combination machines we have combined the benefits of axial and rollforming in one single system. Further processing step can be integrated without any problems.

  • Expansion to up to 6 axial forming steps
  • Additional processing stations
  • Rolling unit with free-form function through CNC control
  • Additional clamping element

We will create optimum solutions tailored to your individual specifications and requirements with our expertise. We also offer a great number of individual equipment options.

Experience our tube forming machines in action

t form: Axiale Rohrendenbearbeitungsmaschine REB 632
Transfluid Video
Rollierende Rohrumformung – aushalsen mit t form SRM 622 E-AH
Transfluid Video
Rollierende Bördelmaschine: t form UMR 628-CN
Transfluid Video
Kombinationsmaschine für axiale und rollierende Rohrbearbeitung: t form REB/SRM 632

t form tube forming machines:

We develop tube forming machines for short production times and outstanding results. You can apply the forming of tubes or tube ends to your needs, whether it is as a single step in the tube processing or as an effective addition to the tube bending process.