Aviation industry : tube-bending with controlled wall thinning

All sequences can be programmed easily on the t bend-mandrel bending machine.
All sequences can be programmed easily on the t bend-mandrel bending machine.

Safety is always crucial in the aviation industry and that is also true for our current project for a renowned manufacturer of aeroplanes. On this occasion we have developed a special mandrel bending machine that is capable of bending aluminium, titanium and stainless-steel tubes with a diameter of up to 60mm and a wall thickness of 0.5-1.5mm, as well as achieving a radius of 1xD.

Sequential control improves the processes
What makes our new solution special is the option to control the wall thinning. Our t bend mandrel bending machine can apply pressure during the last bend with a controlled inner tube. With this methodology we ensure that the wall thickness meets the specifications after the bending too. This also preserves the best possible flow through the tube and its stability throughout the process.
All the axes of this special bending machines are equipped with servo-electrical motors. Their drives can be neatly synchronized through a new sequential control. Each movement of the axes is managed individually. The different units can be engaged at the right time. This way it is possible to gradually introduce a bend with ease and either push or slow down with the required power.

Easy storage, protected retrieval
The sequences on this innovative mandrel bending machine are easy to program and can be allocated to the product and retrieved as and when needed. During the process the sequential control will take into account the radii, manufacturing processes and the material. By connecting the machine controls to the network, we can take the desired geometries from the CAD software and record the data from the impact test. A measuring unit can be connected to the system too, depending on the size of the lots and batches. The sequence control will also store the relevant data for the production, as defined by the customer. They can then be recalled and processed with a password and the correct authorization. And the machine’s software and all the control components, as well as the control panel (MMI), are of course compatible with Industry 4.0.

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