New t form for faster processing of tube ends

For tube diameters between 6 and 42 mm the t form UMR 642 flaring machine creates excellent sealing surfaces.
For tube diameters between 6 and 42 mm the t form UMR 642 flaring machine creates excellent sealing surfaces.

We wanted to make the forming of tube ends even more efficient and simpler, so we have completely re-engineered our t form UMR forming machines. Changing the tools is particularly simple, which means shorter processing time, and the electronic pre-selection options mean minimal operator involvement. The surface solutions have also been improved greatly with our solutions and it does not matter if you are working with seam or seamless tubes.

Two processes are used, when forming tubes with our solutions: rotating and rolling. For instance, with a rolling machine it is possible to add various types of forming at the tube end, such as beads or very accurate and long reductions. A thread can be added at the same time.

With the rotation method you have the option to add a variety of types of flaring at the end of the tube, with angles between 37 and 90 degrees, or ball-shaped, for instance.
A special advantage: it is no longer necessary to adjust the stops, the strokes or the tools manually to have constant geometry results. Our next generation of t form UMR 628, 642 and 2090 machines reduces the set-up time when changing the tools and the operator can set up the machine in less than three minutes.

Electronic pre-selection of the flaring geometry
Equipped with brushless motors, the position of the stops, all the strokes and processes can all be retrieved via a touch panel. The parameters for the material and the desired form are stored, with the exact process and processing time. The machines will carry out the forming processes almost independently, when it is possible to retrieve the relevant processing parameters for that tube size. The clamping length for the processing of tubes is in some cases 1x or less the tube diameter. This means that it is almost always possible to do the forming after the bending.

Please do get in touch, if you want to know more about our new solution for the economical production of challenging forming geometries and flaring with polished sealing surfaces in one single manufacturing step.

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