Next Generation: new bending robots, more possibilities

Our new bending robots with more possibilities.
Our new bending robots with more possibilities.

Our robots are even easier and more efficient to use as bending machine in their latest development, because they need no or minimal programming.

Coded and synchronised
A quick look at our tried and tested benefits: we have already been using tube bending robots in a flexible way in our transfluid production cells for quite some time. They can use isometrics data and generate bending data without having to program the robots. The work is synchronized, if two robots are in operation at the same time and bending long tubes from both sides. The bending robots are also automatically synchronized when additional fittings are used, like mounting and support devices. The robots recognize the tubes thanks to the code on the components and they generate the bending sequence; they can also choose between different radii and diameters. It is possible to work with up to six different tube diameters.

Faster completion of the bending and greater output
Two robots in a production cell can do more than just bend a tube from both sides, that has already been formed or already has connection systems. Our latest generation of bending robots can also work each with a different geometry. This improves the efficiency and gives you an output that is clearly greater. An extra benefit with the bending robots comes from our special software: it generates bending data from the coordinates, without the need to program the robots.

User-friendly when bending and handling
Our safe handling has also been improved. It is possible to recall from pre-loaded values the exact position where the tube should be grabbed from the magazine, and also the position to grab the tube for the unloading. This means that there is almost no need for any programming during the handling or bending processes, as the system can refer to existing data. The processing of a tube with long sections after the bending and unloading by the robot is also simple. Any possible collision issues are avoided, as the last bend can be done on the “floating” tube, just above the unloading position.

The operation of the system is very easy, because of the bending machine controls. It works with the standard length and angle values, but also with x, y and z data. This means that it is not necessary to have special knowledge of how to program a robot. Another advantage: with the preloaded settings for the tools, including the additional axes, the operator can complete any tool changes on the robot very quickly and save even more time. Our latest generation of robotic solutions makes tube bending faster, more flexible and more economical.

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