Pointing the direction for better bending

Technology . Right- or left-hand bending with multi-variant concepts

Right- or left-hand bending with multi-variant concepts


"Stay nice and flexible" is our motto specifically for tube bending as well. Sometimes, bends are needed not only to the right, but also to the left. If you want to achieve your desired geometry in narrow spaces quickly without collision, you will value our smart, adaptable bending solution for this.

Progressive ideas change market requirements every day. The performance capacity of many different industries in particular secures the corresponding technology. Therefore, we develop particularly diverse plants and systems for tube bending. Where bends are only needed in one direction, single-head machines are used. Bending to the left or right often depends on constructional situations and geometrical requirements.

One thing is certain: our t bend bending machines for tube diameters up to 42 mm are always electrically powered as CNC-machines. These systems usually bend to the right. You need your bends in the other direction? In particular our machines for smaller diameters can be retrofitted from right- to left-hand bends.

If your needs are more extreme and your geometries more complex, we recommend right-/left-hand bending machines. Best results need various parameters to be just right. We have two system concepts at hand, which enable us to use the respective benefits of both particularly well.

Right-/left-hand bending at small tubes

New demanding construction space requirements often limit tube processing options. Systems that bend only to the right or only to the left will literally reach their limits. Right-and-left-hand bending machines are then ideal for collision-free production of the desired geometries.

"A very quick change of bending direction is, of course, necessary especially when processing smaller tubes. We had the idea of implementing this by using two individually adjustable heads during development. It was the perfect solution."

- Jochen Frettlöh, engineering: bending technology

The two bending heads are a standing right-hand bending version and a suspended left-hand bending head. This principle is highly effective with its extremely short manipulation time. The change from one bending direction to the other can be implemented in less than 2 seconds, and every bending head can be equipped with up to three tool levels.

Turned with a smart head

We have also developed machines with a rotary head for all tube diameter ranges. This kind of system is highly dynamic and permits particularly economically efficient right-and-left-hand bending. All axes are powered servo-electrically and two tool levels on each bending head are the standard.

The simple way to automation

Both systems can, of course, also be automated. We offer simple magazines to feed in parts for attractive runtimes without staff. Loading parts from a transport container, such as a pallet cage, is, of course, possible as well. Tubes can also be produced in pairs, even if their geometries differ.

Bending with robot support

"If automated production is of interest, a special version with a robot is sensible. We provide the right-/left-hand bending machine for it."

- Jonas Exner, programmer, specialist: robot technology

Thus, the robot can collect the part from the magazine and introduce it into the clamping device in the proper position. The tube is then processed by the robot with the right-/left-hand bending head and put down in the correct position again after the process.