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For individual work processes

Making what is complex simple is the idea behind our t project software. For example, it makes it possible to connect to BDE, CAD or ERP systems, bending machines or robot benders to improve tube processing processes. For more production reliability, it can be used to carry out tests and configure the status of production. As a ‘closed’ software, it is a highly performing key point in many areas. Where exactly? We would be happy to tell you more. Let’s get started in telling you about it ...

Our t project basic software and the t project professional variant are used to store tubes using item and drawing numbers. It is also possible to connect to various CAD systems and load data online. The software can also be connected to various peripheral systems, such as a measuring machine, a BDE system or even printers. Due to the fact that bending ma-chines are needed to implement angles, lengths and rotations, our system uses the coordinates and combines them with material-specific values to calculate bending data. This makes it possible to support ‘normal’ bending machines as well as right/left bending machines. A special aspect is that t project is also able to create the positions and bending values for our robot benders. The data for this can be loaded online.

Collision test for tools, machines and space

For economical and reliable production, our expanded t project professional software provides the option of performing a tool, machine and working area related collision test. To do so, the machine and tool parameters are imported as CAD data. This guarantees that the machine will be correctly represented with the corresponding collision points, tools and related clamp lengths. This makes it possible for the operator or also the designer to check feasibility already before starting production. Our system is Windows 7 and Windows 10 network-compatible.

Bending data, tube cutting list and labelling

All the functions of the basic variant are of course also included in t project professional. In addition, the program is able to calculate bending data on tube geometries that are already provided with a flange or other endforming geometries on both sides. The program can generate tube runs from multiple tubes individually and of course a complete cutting list. These cutting lists make it possible to optimally prepare the machining process - regardless if separation is done in a customary manner or with an advanced chipless transfluid® cutting system. These cutting lists are already able to considerably improve production processes. Our solution is also of course able to control a printer. This makes it possible to label the tubes directly after the cutting process, alphanumerically or even with barcodes or QR codes.

Precise process control

For the best possible use, the various work steps should be recorded. If the production plant does not include PC terminals, these should be added. The operator can then use a hand scanner to read a barcode, for example. This identifies the position of the tube within the operation process. If the process is completed, the product is displayed as green on the display according to the traffic light principle. A tube marked yellow is currently being processed in the corresponding station. If a field is displayed in red, the relative note can be viewed, such as: “material not available”.

It is also exciting - if there is an interface available - to be able to directly take over the item numbers of the product from the ERP systems. The production times are of course also recorded. This makes it possible to know exactly how many parts can be produced in a certain period of time. After the production sequence is completed, a neutral interface can be used to export the production times to Excel, for example. Our system offers another advantage, for example after reading in an item. It can be divided into various production processes, provided with the corresponding barcodes and made available to the scanner system via a work process card.

t project is an easy to use, closed system for production and process monitoring that offers customers a wide number of possibilities.

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